Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The route book for all 80 days of the run has been posted on the web site. There are a small number of questions marks that will be resolved during the next two months as...

I will be spending five weeks in April and May running and biking the 1300 trail miles and driving the 2000 road miles of the route to ensure - to the maximum extent possible - that the route is ready for the runners. My dad will crew me for those five weeks on the road/trail and his job while I am on the trail is to ensure the crew driving directions are ready to go for the run.

I note that the course enabled GPS running watches do not display the needed amount of map information to allow for route following. When required I will use printed route maps when previewing the route - and those same route maps – with notes on missing road signs, etc - will be provided to keep runners on the route for the 80 days of the Run.

All is on track for a great Run this summer! Email if any questions. Mike