Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hi All,

I have posted the beginnings of the Run Across America on Trail (RAAoT) Route Book (without pictures). I inserted pictures into the file and the file size shot to more than 100 megabytes so I removed the photos and attached the small size file presently on the web site (

The Route Book file currently contains info on the route through sparsely populated southeast Montana. This section of the route (stages 27-32) is all road and contains very few turns. I note that my use of RR means restroom(s) and PP is port-o-potty(ies). Also, the file contains Stages 70-75 which is almost all super rail/canal trail, ie. the Panhandle Trail, Montour Trail, Steel Valley Trail, Great Alleghany Passage and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath. Without a doubt, stages 70 and 71 are the most "complicated" route following stages of the run. With that said, however, the route is much more straightforward to follow in person than it appears on paper with many, many signs marking virtually all the turns on these two stages. Nevertheless, I have lengthened stage 68 and shorted stage 69 (sorry, changes not yet posted on the web site for stages 68-71) so that runner and crew can drive stages 70 and 71 before actually running those stages. As a reminder, I will be providing separate driving directions to the crews for the trail portions of the run which include stages 70-75, and runners can purchase course enabled GPS watches like the Garmin 310XT to use to assist in following the stage route when needed/desired.

At least one runner would like to share crew/expenses with another runner. Please send me an email ( if you think you might like to share crew/expenses for part or all of the run - thanks!

Happy Trails,