Sunday, July 31, 2011


I mapped all 80 stages for the run earlier this month (July - which will end in a few hours) and posted links to the stages on the web site. Since then I had an opportunity to cycle the Run route from Weirton, WV to Williamsport, MD on the Panhandle Trail, Montour Trail, Great Alleghany Passage, and the C&O Canal Towpath. I had a blast cycling the nearly 300 miles of trail used for the Run Across America route which I had not yet seen. Great trail, fantastic trestles, nice tunnels and scenic river views - I can't wait to get back there in April 2012 when I will cycle those trail miles again prior to the Run. I have to plug Vespa ( for enhancing my body's ability to do the ride and recover well for cycling the next day. To be exact I cycled 435 miles in a seven day period.
So I had a hearty laugh after I finished mapping the 80 stages and added up the total mileage for the Run. The total was 3359.57 miles which averages out to 41.995 miles per day - just under the goal of keeping the average daily stage to less than 42 miles a day. Based on my great cycling adventure I will cut about seven tenths of a mile from stage 75, move the end point of stage 73 to make it longer by about a mile (which shortens stage 74 by that corresponding distance), and change the route through Pittsburgh where there is still some road to navigate between the transition of the Great Alleghany Passage and the Montour Trail. The currently mapped road miles (which I found out were awful) will be removed and more new trail included. This change affects the last few miles of the presently mapped stage 70 and first few miles of stage 71. I am sure there will be more small changes to the route as time passes. For example, I don't really like the end location for stage 79.
If you have any comments on the mapped stages, please send.
Happy Trails,
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