Monday, May 16, 2011


CONGRATS to John Price for finishing his Run Across America. Congratulations to other recent crossers Dean Karnazes, Milton Miller, and Zoe Romano.

The following is courtesy of Markus Mueller who is running the LA to NY Footrace which starts June 19th. The interesting and very professionally done LA to NY Footrace Roadbook can be found at - click on the Race Rules LANY 11 link. The LANY11 Roadbook is very motivational!!!
Other LANY11 links:
Markus Mueller's blog:
Official LANY website: (this site not live yet as the race starts on June 19th)

Root on the runners if the course passes through your neck of the woods.
 Good luck to Markus and all the LANY11 runners!!! Mike


Below is info previously sent to interested runners via email. If you became 
interested in the Run Across America on Trail after April 2011 then you might find
some of the below to be good reading. Mike 
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 00:27:13 GMT
Hi Runners,

I know I said back in November that I was not going to write again until June, but just 
wanted to send out some info.

Some of you might be familiar with the web site. It is a good site to 
visit when you have a few minutes. I have asked that the Run Across America on Trail be 
added to the web site. As seen on the site, a number of crossings are in progress 
including John Price at 70% across now. You can read his blog at
 or visit his web site Way to go John!!! Dean Karnazes crossing is also 
listed on the web site. I note there is a 2011 TRANSAM that will start on June 19 - 
website for that run is〈;=uk

As discussed in the November 2010 run update below, everything is coming together for my 
trip out west in June. I will be determining the way around the closed John Wayne trail 
tunnels, and with the assistance of my better half we will be checking out crew driving 
directions between the recommended trail crewing locations.

I will start posting some info on the Run Across America on Trail blog. It is easy for 
everyone to follow the blog. Simply navigate over to the blog at http://runacrossamericaon and enter your email in the FOLLOW BY EMAIL box and click on Submit.

There are some interesting videos on youtube related to crossing America. The run finish 
- marked by the colorful American Discovery Trail sign at Cape Henlopen State Park, DE - 
can be seen in the video at Also, there is a 
five part video series on the 1994 TRANSAM. The first part can be seen at http://www.youtu Very motivating!

A product that might interest everyone is Vespa which aids recovery and enhances the 
body's ability to turn fat into fuel. I think this product has improved my running. Hop 
on over to if interested.  

Again, navigate over to the blog at and 
enter your email in the FOLLOW BY EMAIL box and click on Submit as I will be posting 
additional information there.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Web Page link:

Happy Trails and good running,
Mike Samuelson

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From: "" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 02:59:18 GMT

Hi Runners,

I hope everyone is running well as we approach Thanksgiving.

Finally completed - and attached - the initial draft of the recommended hotels for each 
night of the Run Across America on Trail. This is just the initial draft, but one can not 
deviate from a plan unless one has a plan. I note that column F of the spreadsheet lists 
the total miles run. Using simple math one can determine the length of each stage. Please 
remember this is just the first draft. It is noted that the early run stages are lower 
mileage than the stages near the end of the run.

Some of you might be wondering how the Run course was determined. The only requirement 
was the run had to start at the Pacific Ocean and end at the Atlantic Ocean. Running from 
LA to New York and following the path of the TRANSAMs is something that would also be 
fantastic and exciting to do, but my preference is to run on nice smooth rail and canal 
trails vice road when possible and avoid the cars. Hence, research led to starting in WA 
with the lengthy John Wayne rail trail which then led to the mapped course segments on 
the web site. Exactly how many miles will be run on trail is not yet determined primarily 
due to the closed tunnels on the John Wayne trail. 

Have I seen the course first hand? Mostly yes. I flew to Washington in June 2009 and 
drove the course from the Pacific Ocean to the John Wayne Trail. Additionally, I have 
driven nearly 100% of the road miles from eastern NE to the finish at Cape Henlopen State 
Park. In May/June 2011 I will be driving/biking the WA/ID/MT portion of the course to 
solidify the western section of the course. The goal is to improve on the currently 
mapped course, however, the tunnel closures on the John Wayne Trail will probably add 
some miles to the course.

What is the daily stage length? As discussed in the attached Run Notes the average daily 
stage is 42 miles. However, the stage lengths will start out lower (first day is about 30 
miles, second day is about 32 miles for example) and increase over the course of the run 
as runners adapt to the stresses of running 40 plus miles a day.

How much will it cost to do the run? A good estimate is that runners will spend $12,000 
to $14,000 to do the run. Note that there is no entry fee. I will probably spend a more 
than the average since I plan to either rent or purchase the smallest motor home possible 
with a toilet for my crew, and even though we could sleep in the motor home my crew and I 
will get a room at the recommended hotel.

The next goal is to work on the finisher award which will be just as nice as the Laurel 
Highlands 70 miler finisher award. I could describe the award, but then there would be no 
surprise. What fun would that be?!

I am a big believer that two heads are better than one and am open to all input on 
improving the run. Feel free to contact me at any time.

I expect the next group email (like this one) I will send will be in June 2011 after 
solidifying the western portion of the course. Some runners might want to discuss the 
possibility of sharing crews for the run and June 2011 is probably a good time to start 
that discussion.

Web Page link:

Happy Trails and good running,
Mike Samuelson