Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Days 69-71; More Great Trails!!!

Day 69
We returned to hill country - to include running the hilliest street of the Run while in West Virginia for a few miles after crossing the Ohio River at Stuebenville. A good day, we started off running the last mile of the Connotton Creek Trail, and we finished the day by running eleven miles of the Panhandle Trail.
Jewett, OH to Burgettstown, PA 43.74 miles
Jennifer  10:19:26
Mike       10:19:26

Day 70
Lots of trail today - eight more miles of the Panhandle Trail and a number of miles on the super Montour Trail in the Pittsburg area.
Burgettstown to Port Vue, PA 44.10 miles
Jennifer 10:23:07
Mike      10:23:07

Day 71
Super!!!! The entire day was on the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) - the first of three potentially glorious days on the GAP. The GAP connects with the Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Canal Towpath and a runner or cyclist can travel to DC from Pittsburgh almost entirely on trail. Jennifer and I predicted our finish time at the two hour mark today and I was happily 13 minutes off as we finished quicker than I predicted. Jennifer predicted a 10:10 finish. We didn't look at our watches in order to not affect our pace. The day started very poorly for me as my left leg muscles were having serious issues moving my foot so that I could "run", but the leg came around and one could say that I was actually running - although the left foot essentially flaps or flops when it hits the ground. The noise level difference of the left foot hitting the ground as compared to the right foot hitting the ground was unbelievable when passing through one of the Montour Trail tunnels on day 70. Bottom line for me is this left leg/foot issue that has bothered me for 12 days now has slowed me. Jennifer has also been slowed - possibly by the effect of running 71 ultras in a row. I don't foresee us getting much faster the last nine days of the run, but I can always hope!!!!
Port Vue to Connellsville, PA 44.36 miles
Jennifer  10:13:31
Mike      10:13:31


  1. Don't be disappointed in your running, you have come so far and accomplished something most would never even try to do. I wish I could be there for the finish, my heart will be with you as you finish your journey. Congratulations!!!

  2. Was thrilled to run a mile with you both around MP46 on the trail. Will be checking the blog and hoping for a successful arrival in Delaware for you both. Good luck!

  3. Wow! Only 9 more days!?! Awesome. I've been telling everyone about your incredible mission. Keep running!