Sunday, August 5, 2012

Days 66-68 - Great Trails

No time to blog.
Day 66
Elyria to Everett, OH 44.6 miles
Mike       11:37:32
Jennifer   13:56:17

Day 67
Everett to Navarre, OH 43.69 miles

Mike        11:24:53
Jennifer    12:57:08

Day 68
Navarre to Jewett, OH 45.84 miles

Mike        10:44:29
Jennifer    11:56:32


  1. No worries, my friend. You're now a civilian. You don't have to justify your actions (or non-blogs) to anybody!! ;)
    I have a question (which I don't expect you to answer): How many admirals, or even captains, do you know that have run across the entire United States? Heck, I even wonder if any of them have sailed around it? (Panama Canal thru the entire Arctic Ocean?) Even if so, I'll bet you're beating them! Could a cruise like that be done in 80 days?
    Something to think about tomorrow, as you scoot thru West Virginny. Eh?

  2. Yep, you're a civilian now but before you forget your roots, you could hum the title song from An Officer and a Gentleman. Do you remember it? (Up Where We Belong)
    Didn't know how else to send this except anonymous but I think you know who it's from.

    Glad to read the results from Days 66, 67, and 68.