Saturday, August 4, 2012

Days 64 and 65 - North Coast Inland Trail

Day 64
Jennifer and I started the day off well running 10 good miles on road before reaching the western end of the North Coast Inland Trail (NCIT). Just a mile into the trail we passed through the nice town of Elmore. I got into a quick conversation with four nice ladies who were discussing Run For God ( May these ladies find success in running - and may their running bring them closer to God. On the whole I am closer to God when running as compared to any other time of my life. The heat and humidity picked up and we slowed, but in total we ran about the pace we have been running for some time now.
Elmore to Bellevue, OH 41.79 miles
Jennifer 9:38:43
Mike      9:38:43

Day 65
The second of two days on the NCIT was a tough one, but our legs brought us to the finish point just as it has done for the previous 64 days. I note that the NCIT is not finished and that there are some breaks in the trail, but work is in progress to slowly close the NCIT gaps. Thankfully the mile of trail around Monroeville was completed earlier this summer otherwise we would have had one more trail break. Eventually the NCIT might connect to the Wabash Canonball Trail. We can only hope that happens sooner rather than later!!!
Bellevue to Elyria, OH 41.2 miles
Jennifer 12:51:08
Mike      12:51:08


  1. I am excited to have met you today Jennifer. Good luck to both you and Mike!!! I've been trail running infrequently for much of the past two years, and you have motivated me to get back on the trails and do another ultra.

  2. I just thought of a very bad joke, so, you know, DON'T read this! ;-) It's a ship-related non-joke, actually. It has to do with what song that band was supposedly playing when the Titanic went down: "Nearer My God to Thee." Mike, you need another song to sing to yourself while running. How about that bluegrass classic "The Wabash Cannonball"? I know the melody but not the words. Which isn't of any help, of course. Maybe Jennifer knows the words? Isn't bluegrass music big in England??
    Ah, never mind. :-)