Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 72 - Day 2 of the GAP

After finishing day 71 we all headed to the fantastic Dave (Gator) and Jane Gates farm. We were treated to an absolute feast for dinner to include the finest steak I have ever eaten - WOW!!! We definitely started day 72 with full stomachs. Before writing about day 72 though I have to note that 2011 solo USA Crosser and super Virginia ultrarunner John Price joined us on day 66 for crew duties. We said goodbye to John at the end of the day. GREAT THANKS John!!!! I look forward to seeing you at future races and hopefully next Friday at the RAAoT finish. John very slowly rode my bike for 23 miles today as there was only one road accessible by crew on this long stretch. Yes, John muled (carried water and food) for Jennifer and I - which is quite fine for the RAAoT. Jennifer and I were running well and it appeared likely that we would finish the 44 miles today in less than 10 hours, but we were caught by a thunderstorm at mile 34 which drenched and actually froze us to the bone for a couple miles so at the next road crossing we stopped early for the day - making day 73 a 48 mile day. May we miss the forecast scattered thunderstorms on Friday.
Connellsville to Markleton, PA 37.98 miles
Jennifer  8:29:11
Mike       8:29:11


  1. Wow Mike! This is Tom Brennan from Poteau OK. You are doing awesome! It is absolutely amazing and inspiring. What an adventure and you are getting so close now. I've kind of had a dream to bike across America, I can't imagine running and getting to see all that you are getting see. I imagine there have been some pretty tough times out there. Keep it up. We will be following you! - Tom

  2. OMG, IHBSRIMMA! (Oh My Geek, I Have Been So Remiss In My Monitoring Activities!) Sorry, Mike & Company, but at least you had UltraJohn to entertain y'all. He's a great guy, but he told me everything he knows in just one afternoon on a picnic table before the pre-race meal at Rocky Raccoon. Judging how fast you and Jennifer are moving, however, his stories could easily stretch out for a week. (He knows I'm kidding. I'm just grateful he was able to show up and pitch in!)
    I'll try to pick up my Monitoring pace...