Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 51 - Blast Furnace

"Danger Will Robinson Danger" states the Lost in Space Robot from the 60s TV series - "the runners have received too much solar radiation".
Yes, it is true. I fried my ears weeks ago and am still working on a spot that is still in bad shape. My lower lip has also been blistered for weeks. Thankfully the pain experienced while eating has diminished as I have put more effort into resolving the lip issue. Pain is a good motivator. Even though all my exposed skin is now very dark, any skin missed in the morning application of sun screen means even more pain. No complaints - just the way it is. 
I believe it was a typical day of running eastward - the inexorable march to the sea. Jennifer and I ran a number of miles together, and a number of miles were run with myself leading the way by a minute or two or Jennifer leading the way by a minute or two. It was a blast furnace out there late in the morning with high temps, high humidity, and low winds when I commented to Stephanie that she could turn off the furnace any time now. Well, instead of the feel like temperature continuing to rise as one would expect as the sun moved higher in the sky, the feel like temperature actually dropped a bit as the humidity decreased, the winds increased, and the temperature appeared to stop rising. The hills continued as we ran 18 miles on pavement and about 27 miles on gravel roads today. I don't think more than 8 or 9 cars passed us on the gravel roads today - just the way we like it.
Runnels to Barnes City, IA 44.86
Jennifer 10:18:35
Mike      10:19:55

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