Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 50 - Super Solar Radiation Blast Batman

Remember that 1960s Batman episode when the evil villian threatens to destroy Gotham City with the solar magnifying ray? Do you remember??? Probably not since I just made it up - but it sure felt like the evil villian was testing a huge solar magnifying lens just east of Des Moines this afternoon in a very successful effort to bake everyone in the area. Thankfully there was just enough wind to wick away the horrible heat to allow some semblance of relentless forward motion to take place. So we are through Des Moines now using the southeast miles of the Raccoon River Valley Trail and a number of miles of Des Moines bike paths which thankfully were tree lined for a number of miles providing a fair amount of shade to trail users. More rural Iowa awaits!
The song of the day was Wall of Voodoo's 1980 hit/remake of Ring of Fire. "And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire, the ring of fire". Listen to the song on Youtube if desired!
Adel to Runnels, IA 43.16 miles
Mike      10:44:32
Jennifer  11:09:09


  1. Who the heck is Wall of Voodoo??? It's Johnny Cash all the way! But don't wear black like Johnny did, you guys are hot enough already. Great blog, Mike - stay strong!

  2. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog every day Mike. You guys are doing incredible. Keep up the great running! Bill Luton

  3. Mike! We met last summer at The Last Supper. You told (foretold?) me about all this amazement you and yours are RIGHT NOW fulfilling the prophecy of. And a week from today you're going to be cruising right past my own front door! Yup! And I--and as many others as I can "hustle up"--do fully intend to join y'all!!
    If I had your email address I could forward the "notice" I just this minute sent out across the airwaves to all my peeps. But... I have Marcus's, so I'm about to forward it all to him, who may then get it to you. See you in a week, buddy!! No fair sprinting!!!

  4. I'm loving the posts!! Keep cool and keep running!!!