Saturday, July 21, 2012

Days 52 and 53 - Clouds!!!!!!!!!!

Day 52
After reviewing the weather forecast, Stage 52 looked like it was simply going to be - in movie terms - Blast Furnace II; The Slightly Cooler Sequel. However, the movie executives must have foreseen huge losses with the planned sequel as some gorgeous dark clouds starting filling the sky as we started to run. Unbelievable, fantastic, incredible, super clouds decided to get together and form a completely overcast sky that lasted all morning!!! The best running weather in some time formed for our benefit, and with 46 miles to run (34 on gravel roads and 12 on concrete/asphalt) we happily accepted every break we could get. We finished the day right across the street from the Pull'r Inn in Kalona, IA and were quickly welcomed to a nice place to stay and sent to dinner at an outstanding family restaurant in town. WOW - it you are a quilting fan, I highly recommend a stop in Kalona, IA.
Barnes City to Kalona, IA 46.53 miles
Mike      10:24:07
Jennifer  10:41:21

Day 53
More clouds today!!! Super. After running through the small towns of Riverside and Nichols we made our way to the big city of Muscatine. We are just a couple miles as the crow flies away from the Big River - the mighty Mississippi. Into Illinois tomorrow!
Jennifer and I were both able to get the legs to turnover just a little bit faster today than previous days - maybe we will continue to regain some of our lost speed! Only time will tell.
Kalona to Muscatine, IA 42.09 miles
Jennifer  8:48:33
Mike       8:56:02


  1. Mike and Jen - I am so in awe of you two!!! Way to run through all the heat. Glad you got some comfortable weather for a few days! You are in Illinois now! Days to go are dwindling down. Keep it up

  2. Above comment from Margaret