Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 38 - Into Nebraska

My sister Kari and brother-in-law David joined us today. It is great to have them with us for a few days.
Today's run was routine - if there is indeed a routine day when running across the US. The wind today was from the north which pushed us along somewhat. This was greatly appreciated following yesterday's effort to push through the headwind. My right hamstring continues to improve, and Jennifer's hives issue has diminished greatly. The story of the day has to do with dogs. As expected, Jennifer and I have encountered a number of dogs as we have headed east. Thankfully neither of us has been bitten or mauled by any dogs to date. At mile 28 today David joins us to run three miles. A mile and a half into the three miles we get rushed by two medium sized dogs and one bites David's shoe. Thankfully David was not bit - only his colorful Newton shoes were chomped on. David "took one for the team" and the incident was a good reminder that we must remain vigilant while running.
Following dinner tonight in Gordon, NE, we (my dad, Zach, David and I) drive around town and note a colorful motor home emblazoned with - Oregon to Delaware. Fellow cross county runner Sean Edmunds also stopped in Gordon, NE today on his trip from Oregon to Delaware - it is indeed a small world. It was good to talk to Sean and his wife Donna and it is likely that Jennifer and I will see Sean on the road Saturday. Visit Sean's website to see how he is doing and/or donate to support wounded veterans.
Pine Ridge, SD to Gordon, NE 39.65 miles
Jennifer  8:21:05
Mike      8:21:05

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