Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 37 - A Better Day

Both Jennifer and I were hoping for a better day today and we got it. We left the Black Hills behind and entered the Great Prairie. We ran by many acres of land that looked good for cattle (layman's opinion), but we didn't see much cattle. Our main concern was running - not why the good land didn't appear to be used - and run we did as Jennifer's hives and my right hamstring issue allowed us both to run. We ran against the headwinds again - light and variable for the first 30 miles, then a strong headwind until mile 40, and then a very strong headwind from mile 40 to the finish. All in all a good day as we ran the longest distance of any stage yet.
I note that Oglala, SD has an interesting post office. Plug in GPS coordinates 43.186827,-102.736677 into, move the "orange man" to the green arrow spot on the map and look north to view the bunker like structure.
Hot Springs to Pine Ridge, SD 45.07 miles
Jennifer  9:43:44
Mike      9:43:44

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  1. Great job, Mike. You guys continue to take each day "in stride" - literally!!