Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 36 - Walking

It was great to see all the flags out today to celebrate Independence Day! When it comes to running, however, it wasn't a good day.
My right hamstring had been bothering me for some of the last two days and it bothered me when we started this morning. By the time Jennifer, I, and Mike Melton (who started with us his morning) had run three miles, however, the hamstring issue was simply a dull ache. But not so fast! Upon reaching the five mile mark I was struck with a sharp hamstring pain that couldn't be ignored. I dropped to a walk and was joined by Jennifer and Mike at the walking pace. After walking a mile I tried to run again, but too much pain forced me back to a walk. Jennifer stayed with me - basically taking it easy with the walking pace. Unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished, and at mile 20 Jennifer was hit with an unknown rash/hives outbreak. Thankfully we both made it to the stage finish, but this was not one of our better days. After we finished, Jennifer called Justin (Hi Justin) and obtained advice on how to resolve the rash/hives issue.
Yes indeed, tomorrow is another day. May it be a better one!!!
Custer to Hot Springs, SD 40.11 miles
Jennifer  11:27:10
Mike      11:27:10

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