Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 39 - A Super Day

The 60 degree temperature, complete overcast skies, and light winds from the north at the start were great. And the day simply got better from there - but it took a few miles. Jennifer and I were plodding along at a typical 12 minute mile pace (this pace includes stoppage time) for us lately, and having talked about so many subjects over the recent days the conversation was lagging. At mile 15 David starts running with us. New conversation topics open up the discussion and miles 15-20 sprint by helped on by a couple miles of a light sprinkle. Our first rain in almost three weeks! Shortly after David stops at mile 20, Sean Edmunds of catches and joins us. Additional topics of conversation open up the discussion and miles 21-43 also sprint by as Sean ran with us until we stopped for day. Sean and Donna's nine year old daughter Ella also joined us for a half mile of running. Since Sean's route is nearly identical to the Run Across America on Trail route for the next few days the plan is for Sean to run with Jennifer and I for a couple days. Super!
Another first for the run happened at mile 37 today as a passenger in a passing car threw 3 or 4 empty beer cans at Jennifer, Sean, and I as we were running. I am happy to report that the empty cans didn't hit us. This incident is not a surprise since I have read of similar incidents from previous cross country runs. For the most part, cars move over to give runners space, and when waved to many drivers return the wave. Lots of waves today on US-20 - thankfully US-20 was not a busy road on this Saturday in July. May Sunday go just as well as today.
Gordon to Cody, NE 43.88 miles
Jennifer 8:51:19
Mike      8:51:19

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