Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 22 - Tendon Improving

We continue to cross Montana - primarily on US-12 today. I once again had to start slowly and warm up my bad tendon before I could break into a jog then run. I am happy to report that the left posterior tibial tenon is improving, but more days of slow starts are expected. The small portion of the day we weren't on US-12 we ran through a small neighborhood near main street in the small city of Townsend. I enjoyed my run through the town and noted that one sidewalk had a 1913 stamped into the concrete. The concrete looked too good to have been poured in 1913 and most likely the 1913 date is the year in which the applicable concrete company began operating. Bottom line, if you are considering moving to a small city in Montana, make sure you check out Townsend - just 35 miles from the state capitol of Helena. Of note is the fact that the Missouri River passes right by Townsend. We passed over the Missouri River at mile 6 today. I found it interesting that the water was flowing north/northeast but it makes sense. On Day 46 we will cross the Missouri River again on the Onawa-Decatur Bridge connecting NE and IA.
We ran a fairly quiet section of US-12 today which included more super views and scenery. Of Miles 19-31 were all uphill as we ran in a canyon paralleling Deep Creek. We lost our Big Sky views when in the canyon, but the canyon views were just marvelous. At mile 31 we reached the top of our climb today and were rewarded with more Big Sky views of a high valley. If you really want to see America, you definitely see a lot at 4-5 miles per hour.
Once again Jennifer and Justin were out of sight in mere minutes after starting due to my slow starting requirement.
Winston to White Sulpher Springs, MT; 40.50 miles
Justin      7:17:43
Jennifer  8:13:56
Mike      9:18:00

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