Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 23 - MT-294

27 miles of the route today were on MT-294 - a very low trafficked highway not lacking for super scenery. Justin walked the first mile of the route with me as he was having stomach issues and I still have a few days or so of starting slowly due to the left posterior tibial tendon. As expected the tendon continues to improve. However, my quadriceps rebelled today due to the last three days of downhill running with the right leg quad pain forcing me to a limp at mile 18 in the middle of a sustained downhill. Heidi applied KT tape and I took some Advil which allowed me to painfully run most of the remaining miles - ugh. So I started the day favoring the left leg and ended the day favoring the right leg. What will happen on Friday - hopefully some good running!!!
I note that we ran parallel to an old rail line which I am almost certain is part of the Old Milwaukee Road which is the same rail line transferred to trail in WA and ID as the John Wayne Pioneer Trail and Trail of the Coeur d' Alenes.
Justin and Jennifer ran fairly close to each other all day following Justin's slow start. They pushed each other - a good thing.
White Sulpher Springs to Selkirk, MT 42.60 miles
Justin     8:02:23
Jennifer  8:04:34
Mike      9:29:26

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  1. I zoomed out on the mapmyrun stage map for today until the West coast was in the picture - It takes quite a few clicks now! It's absolutely amazing how far you've all come; what an adventure!! Stay in "the zone" and enjoy the heck out of it!!!