Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 15 - Into Montana

Definitely another good day today if you are a runner who prefers to run without cars passing you as the route today only included about 2.5 miles of paved road. We were rained on for the 12th of 15 days. The rain was not desired, but it only bothered me a small amount today. I note the forecast was for low 40s with feel like temps in the low 30s (ouch) at Lookout Pass and that was simply not the case, so the day was a good one. Yes, so we have conquered our second and highest pass so far as we crossed into Montana at Lookout Pass - elevation 4710 feet. Regrettably, a math error on the turn sheet I made for today probably cost Jennifer 20-30 minutes time. Not good. I was working hard to keep Jennifer in sight all morning and was just 50 yards behind her at mile 16 when I strained my right achilles running/walking up a moderately steep jeep road. I had to drop the pace and favor the right leg for the five miles of very runnable rail trail which took us to the top of Lookout Pass. I was definitely bummed that I couldn't run this super trail, but stuff happens. I reached the top of the pass and took some Advil and liberally rubbed in some recovery cream into the achilles. I now headed downhill and slowly but surely I could run just a bit better each mile and by the time I reached Heidi again eight miles later my left hip bothered me more than the achilles. Bottom line, if my achilles hadn't forced me to drop the pace Jennifer wouldn't have gone off route and lost some time. Bummer.
Justin continues to run well as he fights off ankle swelling.
Nearly 99% of the 600 miles remaining to be run in Montana are road miles. Will the Montana drivers be as considerate as the Washington drivers? We shall see.
41.65 miles, Osburn, ID to Deborgia, MT
Justin       7:49:50
Jennifer    8:57:41
Mike        8:57:41

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