Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 16 - Considerate MT Drivers

More great scenery - what else can I say? The second half of the route today was on MT-135 which runs along the Clark Fork River and an active rail line. In addition to enjoying river scenery in the long canyon through which we ran we saw four trains pass. Maybe the economy will pick up again soon?
I woke up today with a very tight right calf so it was tough to look forward to the start. Heidi applied KT tape to my calf per the applicable instruction video and I downed three Advil. It was a mid-40s low clouds cool start - not the best for tight muscles - so I walked at first to warm up and then slowly threw in some jogging. About three miles into the run I was running OK which greatly improved my spirit. Jennifer wasn't feeling 100% either today so I ended up catching her on an uphill nine miles into the day as the sun burned off the clouds and the temperature started going up. Heidi reported that Justin was about a half hour ahead of us at mile 12 so he was moving well. We ran together until near the halfway point at which I slowly moved ahead due to Jennifer fighting both quad issues and shin splints. Shortly before we split up I noted a street sign in St. Regis. ABBA Ln was on the sign which I believe was a private sign for a church since there doesn't appear to be a street in St. Regis called ABBA Ln. Since I am a big ABBA fan Jennifer took a picture of me at the sign - and of course all I could do was sing another smash ABBA hit to myself the rest of the day - this time it was Fernando (1976).
We are three for three now as Montana drivers have proven to be as considerate as Washington and Idaho drivers.  
40.29 miles, Deborgia to Plains, MT
Justin     6:51:33
Mike      8:29:54
Jennifer  9:18:20

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