Sunday, July 29, 2012

Days 59-61 - Amish Country

Day 59
Ultrarunner Chad Wooley and his dog Diamond ran with us for 12 miles as our route passed right by his house. It was great to run with Chad! We enjoyed running the Oak Savannah and Prairie Duneland Trails before continuing east on country roads. I slowed as left foot problems kept me from flying down the road.
Day 60
After leaving La Porte and making a couple turns we ran 32 miles on the same country road to get to our stop point for the day just west of Goshen. I continued to fight through left foot issues.
Day 61
We continued to head east - neither of us feeling great after the shift to EDT and losing an hour. A couple miles on Goshen bike path and the Milrace Canal Trail were the trail miles portion of the day. We ran through Amish country but saw nearly no one since we ran through during Sunday morning religious services. The finish point today was a welcome sight. Maybe I will tape my left foot before we start out Monday?
Goshen to Pleasant Lake, IN 44.78 miles
Jennifer 10:24:00
Mike      10:24:00

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