Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 62 - Into Ohio!!!

For the fifth straight day the high temperature hasn't reached 90 degrees - super!!! The humidity has moderated somewhat also the past four days now. May this weather streak continue!!!
I KT-taped my left foot this morning and my left foot issues weren't as bad today. I believe this is he fourth time on the Run I have used the KT Tape. Great thanks to the KT Tape folks. All road miles today - mostly on low traffic volume country roads. No "Welcome Ohio" sign to greet Jennifer and I when crossing the state line due to running on a rural road - a very small disappointment in the big scheme of life.
My spirits were much higher today due to the decreased left foot distress. Hopefully the foot will continue to get better - and no other injuries will occur.
Pleasant Lake, IN to West Unity, OH 43.95 miles
Mike     9:42:58
Jennifer 9:49:28

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  1. Glad you're taping, Mike. And don't sweat the no welcome-to-Ohio sign. They try to make up for that with their HUGE goofy monumental extravaganzas on the Interstates. So, probably blew the budget for border signage right there. Maybe here in ILL we can get our incarcerated governors to start making signs (or at least license plates) again. They could earn their keep by selling them to Ohio. ;-)
    Finally, congratulations on retiring from the Navy on 1 AUG!!!