Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Days 56 and 57 - Illinois and Michigan Canal Trail

Day 56
After finishing the eastern end of the Hennepin Canal Towpath Trail we transitioned to road before reaching the Illinois and Michigan Canal Trail. It was nice to finish at our hotel for the night in Ottawa. I was happy with how I ran fighting off blister and foot pain and the heat and humidity.

Day 57
We were on the Illinois and Michigan Canal Trail all day today. High heat and humidity took its toll on the body and it was a tough day. Thankfully the blisters didn't bother me too much today. It was great to see Karen again since we last saw her in Spokane! Karen crewed for me most of the day giving my parents a little crew break. After finishing today we all went back to Karen's for dinner and our first night not at a hotel since before the Run started. I weighed myself six times on two different scales before eating dinner and I have lost much more weight than I figured and apparently now weigh about 161 pounds - well at least before the spaghetti dinner. Yes, I will consume even more calories - two dinners every night needs to be the norm.
Ottawa to Joliet, IL 41.20 miles
Jennifer 8:44:52
Mike      8:57:00

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  1. If your getting that thin, it should be easier to run!