Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 58 - Into Indiana; Karen, Rich, and Debbie

Wow - a good weather day and friends can make all the difference in the world. We got sprinkled on a bit today and the humidity was just about 100% all day. I never put on a hat or sunglasses until after finishing the stage since there was good overcast skies until late afternoon. The high was at least 10 degrees lower today as compared to yesterday's high 90s finish temperature. The additional humidity didn't help my feet any as the skin on both feet was more macerated than usual when I was finally able to take off my shoes and socks off after stopping. I sweat a lot - even the feet sweat like crazy.
Karen crewed again today. It was great to see her at the aid stops. Thanks again Karen!!! Rich Limacher (aka The Troubador) biked with Jennifer and I for 30 miles today, and his long time training partner Debbie (who's last name escapes me at this late hour) biked with us for 20 miles. It was great to talk to Rich and Debbie most of the day, and they fearlessly fought off the cars for us on 10 miles of busy Illinois/Indiana roads with little shoulder to get us to the stage finish point at the we-have-it-rough Holiday Inn Express Hotel. Thanks Rich and Debbie for making stage 58 a great one!!! May our paths cross again soon.
I attacked my weight loss by scarfing up hundreds (over a thousand maybe???) of yummy Chili's bottomless chips and salsa calories with my usual ribs order while consuming a large Dairy Queen vanilla shake right after finishing the stage and another one after the large dinner at Chili's. Additionally, I ate more Gu while running than I have been eating during the Run.
Thanks again to my parents and Stephanie for their great crewing also!!!
Joliet, IL to Schererville, IN 41.20 miles - same distance as stage 57
Jennifer  8:37:28
Mike       8:42:47

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  1. Da nada, Mike (and Jen). It was all our pleasure! (And I'm sure Debbie--Jones, by the way--would agree, if only she knew how :) (We tease each other mercilessly!) Too bad we have no clue about any trails whatsoever in Indiana, or else we'd charter a helicopter and continue to join ya's. (Yeah, right. ;) I'll bet you both will agree to this much though: Indiana has got to be about the LEAST runner-friendly state in the Onion. Eh? Even the Amish don't come out to cheer you!