Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 44 - Cattle, Corn, and Hay

The Cattle, Corn, and Hay Tour (as coined by Jennifer) continued today through Nebraska. The Cowboy Trail continued to be the venue for the Tour, and the plains and prairie on both sides of the trail continued to show off plenty of cattle, corn, and hay. A hot day (94 degrees at mile 40), the middle miles on the route today went by quite slowly as we fought through the heat, but both Jennifer and I felt better as we neared the end of today's run. Great thanks to the crew for taking super care of us!!!
Ewing to Battle Creek, NE 43.22 miles
Jennifer 9:41:19
Mike     9:41:19

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  1. You'll get more corn, cows, and hay ahead of you. Nebraska may be nicknamed the Cornhusker State but you'll have to tell Jennifer that Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana actually produce more corn than Nebraska.