Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 43 - Haircut

Finally after 46 days since my last haircut the stars aligned and I was able to get my hair cut in O'Neill, NE. Since I consider my hair long at the 14 days-since-last-cut date I was really, really, really looking forward to getting my hair cut today.
Jennifer and I got an early start today since the hotel we stayed in last night was just yards from the stage 42 end point. We enjoyed the cool low 60s degree weather as long as it lasted, but as everyone knows the temperature increases as the day goes on. No complaints. It is obvious that northern Nebraska has not received much rain in the last two months as the Elkhorn River water level is quite low. Nevertheless, I am happy to report that most of the corn looks fantastic. I enjoy seeing fields of green along the route as it is an indication that farmers are finding success in their efforts to bring food to the world's dinner tables. I note that small portions of some fields we pass seem to be missed by the sprinkler systems. Maybe the ears of corns produced by those missing-out-on-the sprinkler-system-water yellowing stalks will be used for chicken or cattle feed???
Besides reporting that it was enjoyable to run the Cowboy Trail today, not much else of interest to report except that Tia Zia's Mexican Food Restaurant is the place to go if your travels take you to O'Neill.
Stuart to Ewing, NE 40.05 miles
Jennifer    8:34:30
Mike        8:34:30


  1. You would likely be surprised to learn how little of the corn you see is used directly as food. Most will be used to produce cattle/pet feed, corn fructose, and an increasing amount of ethanol. Best wishes for continued safe travels and good health.

  2. Great blog post to read. Today, I just had my last haircut.