Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 33 - Headwinds

After crewing for a couple days, Justin said his goodbyes and departed from the Run this morning following the start. We wish Justin and the Scooby Van safe travels back to Katie in Arizona. He is missed.
Jennifer and I ran together most of the morning fighting strong headwinds for a number of miles. We consistently ran a number of miles in the 11:20s but we expended a tremendous amount of effort to do so. Halfway through the run today the westbound lanes of I-90 were closed and all the westbound traffic was diverted to WY-51 - the low trafficked road we were running that paralleled I-90. The combination of the headwinds and the cars/trucks driving against us battered us for a few miles, but thankfully the I-90 reopened 35-40 minutes after closing. Bottom line, it was a tough day.
Gillette to Moorcroft, WY 42.33 miles
Mike       8:47:31
Jennifer   9:22:06

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