Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 32 - Another Good Day

Jennifer and I both ran well on near zero trafficked hard packed gravel road today. The views were more enjoyable today as compared to yesterday and a slight wind helped to keep the feel like temperature lower than it otherwise would have been. To illistrate how low the traffic was I counted eleven vehicles passing us in the first 26 miles of the run in addition to five trains going by as we were running right next to a rail line. Frank kept me company for 21 miles and the miles passed quickly. Frank then continued on just slighly behind me to the 27 mile mark - his first run over the marathon distance in some number of year. It was an uphill day as we ended up gaining about 800 feet in elevation and ending the day at to 4700 feet above sea level.
Arvada to Gillette, WY 44.32 miles
Jennifer 8:48:53
Mike     9:04:13

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