Saturday, June 16, 2012

Days 17 and 18 - An Adventure

Day 17 was the easiest day yet to follow the Run route as there was just one turn all day. The Big Sky state continued to provide fantastic views as there was very little cloud cover to obscure all the Rockies within view. Northeast of us a portion of the Rockies with complete snow coverage could be seen. The second half of day 16 we ran downriver paralleling the Clark Fork River. Day 17 we continued to enjoy river views as we ran upriver with the Flathead River to our left. The road - MT-200 - ran next to another train track and I was quite surprised when I noted the tracks were laid with somewhat of an S curve at one point. I didn't think that trains could turn like that - learn something new each day.

Day 18 started off fairly cool with great cloud cover. The day never got hot due to cloud cover most of the day and a nice wind. The route today was near zero trafficked gravel road over a ridge-line for a lack of a better word. Up the west side of the ridge to start the day and down the east side of the ridge to finish the day. Piece of cake - not really anything to write about right? In the remote section of the route today a total of four cars passed Jennifer and I who were running together. It turns out that we didn't choose wisely when we reached a fork in the road about mile 9 or so and we went the wrong way. Who the heck came up with this Run route anyway?! Car number one that passed us did so before we reached the infamous fork. I waved down car number two while on the wrong road and the driver told me we were indeed on the incorrect road and he told me how to get back to the correct road. The directions weren't picture perfect, but we made it back to the correct road just in time to flag down car three who confirmed we were now on the correct road and provided some much needed water. Saviors are everywhere. Adding 4.4 miles to the run today was not in the original plan, but it worked out in the end. I might have uttered a few Oh Bothers while on the incorrect roads, but I am positive(?) that I didn't utter any stronger words. For confirmation, please contact Jennifer. I note that once again the views from the road were grrrreeeaaattt and that Justin didn't make a wrong turn!
Arlee to Seeley Lake, MT, 36.27 miles
Justin 6:38:32
Jennifer 10:42:59
Mike 10:43:55

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