Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 19 - Inflamed Tendon

Day 19 today so everyone in their mid to late 40s knows exactly what song went through my head today. Yes, exactly, Hey 19 (Steely Dan, 1980). I really don't like the song, but again I don't get to choose what song goes through my head, it chooses me.
Great running weather today with complete overcast and some light rain in the morning and a fairly cool afternoon with easterly winds in the afternoon. Some sun. Unfortunately, I couldn't take advantage of the great running weather since my left foot posterior tibial tendon was inflamed and not happy. The tendon bothered me late Saturday some but was manageable until I made a misstep with a quarter mile to go to the finish point. Then this morning (Sunday) I tripped while running and made what I call an almost-fall; ie I didn't fall, but the only reason I didn't fall is because the flailing arms and rapidly moving legs worked in concert to somehow keep me upright. The car passing me by seemed to be quite amused by my comedic flailing arms show. Anyway, the left foot took the brunt of this misstep and quite simply I knew I needed to walk or risk further injury. Bottom line, I ended up walking from mile 6 to the finish today. Not fun, but I felt this was the correct action to take. Thankfully after Justin finished he drove back on the route and taped my foot for me so the foot was much better for the final 11 miles of the "run" today. Justin has retaped the foot for tomorrow and I am icing the tendon. We will think positive thoughts about Monday's running. I believe that I actually tripped on a nail nailed into the asphalt - stuff happens. I have new shoes and new running shoe inserts ready to go tomorrow to assist the posterior tibial tendon to do the job it is designed to do so I can run - or at least run/walk.
Justin and Jennifer had great days today - although Justin is fighting off hamstring issues.
Seeley Lake to Helmville, MT 38.95 miles
Justin        6:57:17
Jennifer    8:09:16
Mike       10:37:59

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  1. this the coolest thing you are doing. i cant wait to read every day of your adventures. i close my eyes and envision what you are seeeing and where you are at. not to mention following tour trail on my rand mcnally atlas. thank you so much for your journal. please dont stop and know that there are many out there living our adventures thru you guys. my best peace richard and pax