Friday, June 1, 2012

Day Three - Good Knee Gone Bad

This morning started on a sad note when Marty informed everyone that his knee was in no shape to continue walking the route - let alone do any running. Jennifer, Justin and I wish Marty the speediest of recovery to his knee issues. There is good news to report as Marty and his fantastic crew, Corky, are still with us, and they are going to crew for Justin and Jennifer when Katie departs in a few days.
The "on Trail" part of the run got off to a good start with the inclusion of the 14 mile paved Yelm-Tenino Trail - a rail trail. We crossed our first rail trestle over Johnson Creek(?) shortly after enjoying some views of Lake McIntosh. It was fantastic to be on the trail surrounded by a sea of green and to be off the road away from the cars. Possibly the most enjoyable part of the trail was a section about a mile and a half north of Tenino - the southern end of the trail. After the trail crosses WA-507 from the east to the west, the trail gradually ascends the side of a hill allowing for a super view of the valley below and the foothills across the valley.
The day didn't start out with rain, but the heaviest rain of the three days hit the runners this afternoon quickly soaking us. The least inviting thing about the rain was the spray sent our way by all the passing cars on the highway we ran for the last 11 miles of the day. No complaints - as it is a virtual guarantee that more spray will be sent our way by numerous cars in the upcoming days.
For the music folks out there, Waterloo played in my head all day long. Maybe I will hear a classic rock song on the way to the start on Saturday?!
Scorekeeper reports the day three finish times for the 35.82 miles:
Justin     5:13:08
Jennifer 6:46:33
Mike     7:05:08

Sprinkling is one thing....down pours are another "ballgame"!

On a side note...if you're ever in Tacoma, WA sure to stop by "The Hub"!
It was DElicious!!!!  Nice surroundings too !


  1. Margaret TrosinoJune 2, 2012 at 2:27 AM

    Enjoying the blog! Sounds like it is all off to a good start! Excited to follow your journey. Love, Margaret

  2. Thanks Aunt Margaret,
    Your support means the world to me!
    See you at the finish!