Thursday, May 31, 2012


So we were driving to the start point - which as one would expect is the end point from yesterday - this morning on the Run route when we came upon the dreaded orange road crew signs. Then the most dreaded of all signs appeared - the Flagman Ahead sign - which often indicates a pilot car. Nnnnnnnnoooooooooooo I screamed inside my head due to the unexpected road issues on day 2. The crisis was averted as Karen and Heidi talked to the crew and the runners were allowed to safely transit the zone of shoulder weed maintenance. As an aside, I thought the crew was performing quality work.
The weather was no surprise as we had light rain and drizzle for a couple hours followed by a nice overcast low 60s temperature today. And the finish order of the day was also no surprise as it was the same as day one. Similarly the scenery was also not a surprise as the world was green around us all day as the route took us by foothills at first to the west of us and then to the north of the route. Everyone enjoyed the scenery once again. Nice low traffic roads for most of the day before finishing up with five miles of a high traffic volume highway. I enjoyed plenty of blissful silence broken up by birds chirping rather than What was a surprise is the song that went through my head all day - Tommy Tutone's 867-5309/Jenny. I must have heard it on the classic rock station as we waited for Marty to finish on Wednesday as the song that plays in my head is usually the last song I hear.
Not all was was super today as Marty is having knee issues which have slowed him. May his knee feel better on Friday.

If you would like to read Jennifer's blog on the run you can do so at Jennifer uploaded a great picture of an old railroad trestle we passed on Wednesday as we headed east to Aberdeen from the ocean. I suspect it is the same rail line in which a small part in and around Aberdeen that has been paved and we ran a mile of on Wednesday.
If you would like to read Justin's blog on the run you can do so at justinrunning

Note -  We're having issue uploading pictures to the blog. Run pictures are presently on Jennifer and Justin's blog and on the Run Across America on Trail group page. Request to join the Run Across America Facebook page if desired. 
Scorekeeper reports day two times below. Today's run was 33.78 miles, day one was 31.20 miles:
Justin     5:12:09
Jennifer 6:26:51
Mike     6:32:27
Marty  12:00:30

Some Pictures from Stage One:

Some of the Pictures from Stage Two:

Keep checking back for more . . .

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