Friday, June 8, 2012

Day Nine: The LONG Day!

Day Nine started with cool weather and an escort of 2 police cars and a WA Hwy vehicle to cross the Columbia River on I-90. Cross time was 5:15 to help avoid heavy traffic!
Cool weather turned to rain. Jen's quad muscle was still bothering her so Mike walked the route with her.
Needless to say the sun popping out toward the end was welcome. The rainbow was beautiful.... but the storm that followed was daunting!
The 44.74 mile day ended with all soaked, but pizza putting them in a good state of mind.
Justin's Time: 8:30.27
Jen and Mike in at 14:39.23

Heidi updated for day nine as Mike just wanted sleep. More tomorrow....well guess that would be today....later tonight;)

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