Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 8 - Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Four runners started day eight at a fast walking pace. Yes, four runners started as great friends Kevin Dorsey and Leigh Tanner from Memphis visited the Run Across America on Trail group Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Kevin started with Jennifer, Justin, and myself and walked eight miles of the route before we said our goodbyes. Kevin and Leigh are on a multi-year effort to complete a marathon (Kevin) and half marathon (Leigh) in each state. They had just completed runs in Oregon and Washington this past weekend and are running again this Saturday in Utah. It was great to see Kevin and Leigh after being on the road for seven weeks.
Today was once again filled with high winds that just about knocked us down at times, but the day slowly warmed. Sunglasses were even called for late in the day. Yes, in a matter of mere moments it seems our group transitioned from the wet dark forest to the dry open high desert - from hand warmers to sunblock - from sea to shining sea (ok - that last part will take 80 days). I enjoy high desert scenery, but I know it means that the heat is coming.
A shout of THANKS to my sister Kari who provided some Kinesiology Tape to me to take on the Run. I believe Jennifer benefited from using the tape today, and I might use some of the tape on my left hip as the hip is just not one hundred percent.
Once again, it is the crew that deserves the credit for getting the runners through the day - THANKS!
Scorekeeper reports the day eight times for the 30.40 miles from Ellensburg to Vantage, WA:
Justin      4:52:27  
Mike       7:09:06
Jennifer   8:05:11

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