Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 28 - A Tough Day

We said goodbye to my Aunt Margaret this morning who has been with us since Helena. GREAT THANKS MARGARET - YOU ARE SUPER!!!! Margaret set off to the Billings airport this morning and passed the keys of the Scooby Van to fellow ultrarunner and Strolling Jim Race Director Mike Melton. We are very happy to have Mike Melton  - all around fantastic guy and a veteran at crewing - as a part of the Run Across America on Trail team.
Since we started the day with only one crew vehicle this morning Justin, Jennifer, and I planned to run together for the early miles. We had a good run for 12 plus miles basically following the I-90 Frontage Road to US-212. I note that we will run all the way to Bell Fourche, SD almost 200 miles away all on US-212. Since I eat constantly while running (GUs, peppermint puffs, life savers, hard candies, Sport Beans) I don't usually have a problem with my energy level, but the heat probably did me in. With virtually no cloud in the sky, it was already hot and the day was just warming up into the hottest day of the Run so far as the temperature in Busby was 101 degrees shortly after we finished. Anyways, the three of us plodded along on the rolling road near each other or together all day fighting off the heat and a cross wind that at times nearly knocked us off the road. Bottom line, the running wasn't fun after mile 12 today, and the three of us walked it in the last five miles to finish together. The forecast is for slightly cooler weather the next few days - we keep our fingers crossed.
Hardin to Busby, MT 39.47 miles
Justin      9:15:34
Jennifer  9:15:34
Mike       9:15:34

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  1. I loved my time as crew! I am so proud to have been a part of your great adventure!!! I am so proud of how all of you keep running and persevere!!! You are all amazing! That includes Heidi and Crew Dog!!!
    I am home, but I have thought of you all day - especially with the heat!!! Stay strong and healthy!
    Love, Aunt Margaret