Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 27 - A Buggy Day

The bugs were in full attack mode this morning (a first for the Run - but most likely not the last of the bug encounters) as we ran the very low trafficked old US-87 route from Billings to Hardin. This old road was bypassed by a newer US-87 route which became I-90 some years ago. The bug attacks did diminish sharply as the overcast burned off and the temperature went up. Justin was out of sight in mere minutes after the start today, but Jennifer and I ran some early miles together until stomach issues slowed her. All in all a good day since my overused muscles bothered me at times but didn't really slow me. Additionally, there were some good views to enjoy.
An interesting weather pattern appears to occur here in Montana in that the high temperature of the day can be reached late in the afternoon or even early evening time frame. This is good for the runners who would prefer to run in lower temps vice higher temperatures. While waiting for Jennifer to finish the iPhone stated the Hardin, MT temperature was 97. Shortly after Jennifer finished the reported Hardin temperature was up to 101, and after we ate dinner the temperature was 103 degrees. Brutal - especially for Crew Dog Daphne.
Billings to Hardin, MT 41.43 miles
Justin        7:33:50
Mike         8:36:45
Jennifer     9:11:04

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