Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Initial RAAoT Wrap-up Post

First the stats.
Miles Run: 3302.85 miles
Mike       719:47:13
Jennifer   720:26:40

I will publish a thorough wrap-up of the Run on September 13th as it will take me that much time to write down everything. I have been asked if I plan on writing a book, and the answer is no I will not write a book on the Run.

Great thanks once again goes to the people who spent many hours on the cold and wet & then hot and humid roads to get Jennifer and I to to the Atlantic.
Heidi Samuelson and Crew Dog Daphne (Days 1-45, 80)
Carl and Pat Samuelson (Days 35-80 and the five week pre-Run finalization trip)
Steph Robinson (Days 46-63)
Karen Doyle (Days 1-12, 57-58)
Mike Melton (Days 28-40)
Corky Feeney (Days 1-11, 54)
Margaret Trosino (Days 21-27, 78-80)
Adam Faul (Days 12-20)
Peter and Eileen Bradley (Days 73-80)
John Price (Days 66-72)
Katie Faul (Days 1-6)
Frank Dembia (Days 30-34)
Kari and David Chapman (Days 38-40)
Karla Loser (Day 80)

Great appreciation also goes out to Justin Faul and Marty Sprengelmeyer who shifted to being crew members after being forced from the Run due to runner issues.

The last blog post for the Run Across America on Trail will be on September 13th. Yes, the Run has to end sometime.

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  1. Excellent listing and recognition of those who contributed to your success.
    It may take several more weeks or months to put the experience into perspective.
    Get healthy. Enjoy retirement. Good to have been there, even if it was only for a little while.
    Corky Feeney