Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 79 - Into Delaware!!!

Plenty of hills on days 76-78, and some nice rural Maryland scenery. The hills slowed us a bit. Today Jennifer and I enjoyed a few flat miles of Maryland scenery before running into Delaware and running more flat road miles. The muscles enjoyed running the flat miles today better than the hilly miles of the past three days. Yes, Jennifer and I need to do hill repeats after we finish.
My wife Heidi, Aunt Margaret, and sister Karla are here in Delaware to see the finish. It is great to have them here.
Karla asked me if I have had a favorite place on the route earlier this evening. No city readily came to my mind. I did think of running through the small town of Elmore, OH on the North Coast Inland Trail and thinking that Elmore looked like a nice place. I thought about two towns on the Trail of the Coeur d' Alenes - Harrison, ID and Wallace, ID. I thought about the nice town of Townsend, MT. HMMM - guess I will have to ponder this question some more as a "final answer" hasn't come to me.
One more day!!!
Chesapeake City, MD to Dover, DE 38.60 miles
Jennifer  8:44:15
Mike      8:44:15

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  1. Surf's up, Dude! Hit it!!! Congratulations! My people will be contacting your people. Did you know there's a screenplay in the works? Well, I didn't but maybe you did, eh? :-)
    Ya did it! The King and Queen of the Continent! My own little fiefdom pays homage. Three Wise Men will soon be visiting the bassinet of your firstborn son. They'll be just smokin' on camels and bearing gifts of Golden Oldies, frankly sensible homemade jams, and merchant (probably Target) gift cards.