Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 77 - More Road

First off I forgot to mention that we crossed the Appalachian Trail on day 76. It was definitely a pick-me-up to cross the great trail.
Day 77 was more up and down on some highways with a good amount of traffic and some low trafficked side roads. I would love to tell you that Jennifer and I an run ups and downs with ease after running 76 consecutive days, but that is not the case. The ups and downs are quite taxing on the muscles which have mostly been conditioned and used to primarily run flats the past 76 days. We especially cringe when reaching the moderate or steep downs as the leg muscles let us know that they don't really like what we are forcing them to do.
We passed through two nice forested sections on the day 77 route. Folks just driving from one place to another place won't see what we slow runners can see on occasion.
I guess it is time to commence a countdown as there is just three days of running to go until the Atlantic is reached!!!
Westminster to Bel Air, MD 40.43 miles
Jennifer  9:20:46
Mike       9:20:46


  1. Yes Mike, start the countdown, YOU'RE going to make it! I guess you didn't talk to Marty about the 'consequences' of running across America. It does a number on your body. BUT I hope you remember this summer with some fond memories. I don't know how much and what kind of races you plan on running after this. I hope you reach all your goals. Corky (I guess I don't have a URL)

  2. Also (besides congratulations, which are already in order) don't forget yet another "consequence": magazine article! I'm already more-or-less committed to submit *something* of yours and Jennifer's achievement to UR mag. (Do I see it as being a sponsor of your adventure?) Anyway, don't go away! I'll be emailing you privately--perhaps as early as Friday night--to collect your final impressions. OK, Mike?

  3. The first question Rich should ask is why are you posting onto the blog at almost 3 in the morning? Are you up early in anticipation of another day of RAAonT or is it that you cannot sleep because it is almost over and you're already being nostalgic? Perhaps it is simply the delay that occurs between hitting the enter key and the post arriving but I hope you plan to sleep in on Saturday morning before putting things into perspective. Corky