Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 75 - C&O Canal Day 2

Another great weather day and plenty of shade from the trees lining the trail helped Jennifer and move down the trail at a nice pace. Elaine ran three plus miles with us while Pete rode the bike and carried water for us for 13 miles. We left the C&O Canal Towpath at Williamsport and ran a mile of road to finish at our hotel for the night. It was very enjoyable to run the Towpath, but it is back to the roads for the last five days of the run until the final mile on bike path.
I forgot to post yesterday how surprising it was to see a whole lot of folks at the finish point for stage 74. We finished at Little Orleans, MD - a remote location on the C&O Canal Towpath that is normally almost a deserted place. Not on Saturday however. Hundreds of bikers had converged on Little Orleans to participate in "Sturgis East". I had never heard of Sturgis East before, but I know about it now.
Little Orleans to Williamsport, MD 42.30 miles
Jennifer  8:56:56
Mike       8:56:56

Stage 74 finish times for 45.23 miles not reported in the previous blog post:
Jennifer 9:41:28
Mike      9:41:28

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  1. "Sturgis East"!! Wow! They (the bikers) must've looked at you two like creatures from Mars. Motorcycle peeps believe travel on foot is only allowed from the parking lot into the tavern. When I lived in MD, I roomed with a more-or-less "biker" himself. He used to borrow a "saying" from the Hells Angels: "My old lady yes, my beer maybe, my hawg NEVER!" (Meaning: he'll let you have the first two, but not his Harley-Davidson!)
    --a little local color FYI for ya (they don't have "Sturgis" in England ;)