Saturday, July 14, 2012

Days 45 and 46: Into Iowa; Heat, Hills, & Humidity

Day 45
I could tell it was humid because my Race Ready shorts were completely soaked after just a couple miles on the trail. Yes, our first humid day of the Run. Well, all good things come to end. After four great days on the Cowboy Trail there was just 18 final miles to run on day 45. The southeastern 18 miles of the Cowboy Trail were in great shape due to recent work done to repair trail damage after flooding last year. Great thanks to all who worked to make the needed trail repairs happen! Upon leaving the trail in Norfolk, NE Jennifer and I headed east on US-275 and returned to the land of moving vehicles. We adjusted quickly to the vehicles driving by, but the hot day took its toll on us and we were both tired after finishing the longest stage to date.
Day 46
Ultrarunner Stephanie Robinson joined us to crew for Jennifer for the next two plus weeks. It is great to have Stephanie join the Run family. On the other hand, Heidi, Zach, and crew dog Daphne headed home to Tennessee this morning. Heidi was really, really, really ready to go home after being bitten by a number of flies in the last two plus weeks and fighting off hoards of flies and other bugs at all the crewing stops she made in order to provide aid to Jennifer and myself. You are a Super Trooper - thanks honey. This Run wouldn't have been possible without you. See you in Delaware!!!
The weather forecast was awful - high temps in the mid 90s with feel like temps in the mid 100s. Once again my running shorts were completely soaked in just a couple of miles. My socks and shoes were also soaked in short order, but I am fortunate to be able to report no serious issues with the feet today just some mild heat rash on the tops of both feet. Today's run was once again a team effort as there were times during the run today when I felt poorly and Jennifer pushed me, and there were times when Jennifer felt the effects of the brutal weather conditions and my running pushed her. It was super to cross the Missouri River again! On day 22 we crossed the river just west of Townsend, MT where I was surprised to note the river was flowing north. We crossed the river today on the Onawa-Decatur Bridge - a low-traffic-volume open steel grated deck bridge which was enjoyable to run across while taking in some river views. The river flow was higher than I expected, good news possibly for area farmers??? Thanks to my parents Carl and Pat for taking over where Heidi left off. May the next 34 days go as well as today - except without the heat and humidity please!!!
Wisner, NE to Onawa, IA 42.08 miles
Jennifer  9:21:37
Mike      9:21:37

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