Monday, June 4, 2012

Day Six - Snoqualmie Pass

Eight days ago the John Wayne Pioneer Trail Snoqualmie Pass Tunnel was closed and there didn't appear to be a plan to open it soon. Well, the tunnel was opened sometime last week - definitely good news - but not for the Run since I didn't know about the tunnel being open until after we had run the extra six miles to bypass the tunnel. Everyone who knows me well knows I am beating myself up about not properly ascertaining the status (prior to today) of this mile and half long tunnel that I would have loved to run through. Enough said - all is well.
41 miles today - about 8 miles on road and 33 miles on trail - mostly on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail - also called the Iron Horse Trail and the Old Milwaukee Road. We were treated to fantastic views - the best of the run so far - as we passed Keechelus and Easton Lakes and enjoyed the scenery of the western Cascade mountains - at least when the clouds lifted. Five days out of six now we have experienced rain, but no injury issues to report.
Jennifer slowed down enough so that we could run together today. The miles passed quickly as we talked about running, friends, and family. We both got a little colder than we would have liked at several times in heavier rain periods. Hand warmers helped to fight off the cold - great thanks to the hand warmer inventor(s)!!!
Justin and Katie celebrate their first anniversary today - Happy Anniversary! Katie is returning to work, but we look forward to seeing her again in Des Moines.
I appreciate all the positive encouragement and thoughts sent our way from my family and friends/runners. Be safe out there!
Scorekeeper reports the following run times for the 41.00 mile day six:
Justin     7:05:00
Jennifer 9:22:09
Mike     9:22:09

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