Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day Eleven starts cool and wet!

Day 11 is off to a good start with all 3 runners walking for a bit to warm the muscles. Start temp is 40 something, but feels like 30 something! 30% chance of rain....well...let's make that 100% chance of sprinkles are in store. Who would have thought we'd be shaking handwarmers to "hand off" to the group as they enter the 3 mile mark??? Good thing the crew packed all those shorts! Lois and Randy live near the start today and came down to wish the runners good luck as they start the day. Lois assured us this is not the normal weather for this time of year in this area of WA :).... indicating that this is the "dry spot". hmmmm.... guess we'll be wishing for this kind of weather in the near future;). Take the blessings where you can get them;)

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  1. Awesome stuff! I'm loving the posts. Keep it up!