Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 7 - Week One Done

Make it six out of seven days of rain now, and one day of wind. Not sure I would ever write in this blog that the sun would be nice to see during the Run, but the sun was indeed a good friend this afternoon as a cold wind reduced the feel like temperature low enough so that hand warmers were again much appreciated.
23 miles on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail (yes, the trail was named after the famous actor) today and 16 miles on lightly traveled road. Once again I was running well - although it seemed to take a bit more effort to run just a tiny bit slower than previous days. One possible reason for this is the John Wayne Trail surface. It is a great trail with a fine running surface, but I believe running the stone and gravel ballast surface of the trail is just not as efficient as running a paved road. For the first time in the run my right Achilles tightened up a bit, but it is fine as I write this. As has been the case in five of the previous six days, Justin and Jennifer were out of sight in just a couple miles after the start, but I caught up to Jennifer this afternoon when she was forced to a walk due to a muscle issue. I walked with Jennifer for a number of miles this afternoon and we finished the run together. 
Scorekeeper reports the day seven times for the 39.84 miles:
Justin        6:04:55   
Jennifer  10:35:30
Mike      10:35:30

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