Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 30 -

It is on a low note that I report that Justin has dropped out of the Run due to runner related issues. I believe I speak for all who been a part of the Run and all who have followed the Run that we look forward to seeing Justin running ultras again as soon as possible.
Jennifer and I ran together most of the day enjoying - once again - nice scenery in very remote southeastern Montana. We were joined by my good friend Frank Dembia whom I will write about tomorrow. Today's route was all nice gravel roads in this remote land, and due to shifting winds there was not much smoke from the fires to bother us.
Birney to Otter, MT 31.31 miles
Jennifer  6:34:08
Mike      6:38:27


  1. So sorry about Justin!!! He must be very disappointed. He made it over 1000 miles! No small feat. He can't risk kidney problems though. I know you will all miss him! Sorry about missing your favorite trail in the Black Hills! Praying the wild fires all around die down. Miss you all!!! Aunt Margaret

  2. Sorry to hear Justin is unable to continue running.

  3. Great effort, Justin. I know having to stop must be incredibly disappointing, but you certainly put in an impressive number of miles and crossed several states. Not many people can say that. Best of luck with your recovery! Leigh

  4. Definitely bad news about Justin. My best wishes for Mike and Jennifer!